About the Company

Waterlines AeroDesign LLC is a micro-team of professional colleagues who met each other through college and past employment.  All of us are successful in our chosen fields, having a mix of military, commercial, and institutional research histories.  The one thing interconnecting us as a group is that somewhere back along the line we each said to ourselves, "If I ever start a company of my own, I want to work with those guys."


Everyone at Waterlines has an engineering background, such as aerospace, mechanical, electrical, computer, or systems integration.  But don't be misled by that list of credentials—we're not the type of engineers who recite the book cover-to-cover but don't know which end of a hammer to hold.  Rather, we are the kind who drive forklifts, keep welding rigs in the garage, buck Monel rivets, and run desert marathons.  Waterlines is composed of true makers and builders...we just use computers as often as we do drill bits and tin shears.


As a consolidated group of people and skill sets, Waterlines has a wide wingspan.  Our engineers have worked on the factory floor at Cessna to build jet aircraft, and now they turn wrenches on vintage World War II bombers for fun.  We have prototyped and crewed tethered aerostat systems all over the world, from Arizona to the Middle East to Thailand.  The latest engine infrared signature suppressor for the U.S. Special Operations Command AC-130U "Spooky II" gunship was designed, fabricated, and flight-tested by one of us.


Our background includes black-world systems like the U-2S spy plane and assorted drones, so classified projects are par for the course.  One of our programmers currently maintains FalconView, the mapping software that is the standard mission-planning platform for military aircraft.  Our systems integration team worked to engineer, construct, and outfit the ground stations used by TigerShark and Arrow UAV pilot crews overseas, and we learned in the desert how to synchronize disparate technologies.


Remote surveillance is a core strength at Waterlines.  Our engineers have taken virtually every model of FLIR®, i2Tech, and L-3 WESCAM system out there and hung them under either a wing or a gondola.  We have designed and flown an assortment of retractable mechanisms for cameras and antennae.  Plus, we have experience mating armaments to unmanned vehicles, from mounting bombs and missiles underneath UAV's to heavy automatic weapons on the hulls of unmanned surface vehicles.


Our objective at Waterlines is to offer engineering, CAD, and systems integration services to those in the arena of unmanned vehicles while simultaneously releasing our own line of products and software.  Because of our intentionally small size, our rates can compete with the big names while delivering a superior quality of work.  We know this because we have been doing it for years, only now we're doing it on our own.


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