Waterlines has partnered with Galaxy Services Group LLC to modernize Galaxy's workhorse product line, reintroducing the next generation of remotely-piloted airships to the world market.  In addition, we also manufacture our own line of tethered aerostat observation platforms.

  • Indoor/outdoor models are available, ranging from 6 feet (1.8 meters) to 75 feet (23 meters) in length.  CAD-driven design allows flat patterns to adjust for length, which means you receive a custom-sized airship or balloon to match your payload weight—without paying extra.
  • Our vehicles are capable of daytime and nighttime operation.
  • Systems come with prefabricated modules.  A little quick assembly and you're flying!
  • Extensive hands-on training is available, or we can supply a pilot.
  • Provisions are included for side-panel advertising graphics plus variable payloads, such as broadcast-quality video cameras, radars, or scientific instruments.


Waterlines has partnered with AeroMarine, LLC to develop and market the SeaViper® and BioSensei® product lines of security, scientific, and commercial submersible unmanned vehicles for real-time in situ observation, local ground truthing, security, and ISR applications.

  • Designs include proprietary technology developed in collaboration with the U.S. Navy to produce extremely low-drag hull surface contours, consistently controlled and replicated through precision CAM and additive-manufacturing processes.
  • Configurations include monohull and SWATH vehicles.
  • Small-footprint operations can be fully autonomous, semi-autonomous, or remotely piloted.
  • Comms packages include RF, optical fiber up to 100 km standoff, and OTH satcom.
  • Submersibles, surface vehicles, and maneuverable buoys are scalable and customizable for various sensing packages, such as bioluminescence detectors, turbidity sensors, mapping sonars, and low-light video or IR cameras.


Waterlines was unable to find compact COTS sensors of sufficient quality, durability, and affordability for our waterborne vehicles, so we partnered with AeroMarine, LLC to produce our own.  These BioSensei® low-light sensors are suitable for a broad range of scientific, commercial, and security applications.  We mount high-grade photonics to PCB analog-to-digital converters so that measured light intensity can easily be reported as a numerical value.

  • Spectral response ranges from 190 nm to 1100 nm; peak sensitivity is tunable.
  • An ultra-compact form factor fits standard 1 inch optical lens tube; these are perfect for lab testing/calibration, vehicle mounting, or combination with other optical components.
  • Function is superior to bulky, heavy, and fragile photomultiplier tube equivalents.
  • Two models cover a full range of low-light sensitivity to meet the most demanding applications.


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