Our engineers have overlapping skills and experience to cover all the bases.  Waterlines can support your project needs for structural analysis, material selection, mechanical component design, electrical architecture, coding & programming, and signature suppression.

  • We offer design assistance with a focus on simplicity of initial manufacture, maintainability, ease of repair, and reliability for the long-term.
  • To the maximum extent possible, our engineering models are CAD-based to facilitate direct transfer to Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) routines to find stress loading or to capture fluid flow behavior.
  • We excel at Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) services and will be happy to double-check someone else's work so you can have peace of mind.


Waterlines can provide the exact level of CAD assistance you needfrom  a single sheet to complete data packages with hundreds of pages.  Pricing is by the job, by the hour, or whatever best fits your project.

  • No on-site visits or repeated mailings are required.  Each client is given access to a secure portal for efficient digital data transfer through an encrypted pipeline.
  • We will create new 3D-CAD models for you, or we can take your existing CAD geometry and produce matching blueprints, parts lists, flat patterns, and tooling drawings.
  • Do you still have stacks of old paper drawings or different copies of the same part?  We specialize in bringing outmoded and conflicting drawing packages into compliance with ASME Y14 specifications, along with proper configuration control.  We can make your data work more effectively for you.


Our people have built it allmilitary aircraft systems, training simulators, drones, submersibles, tethered aerostats, blimps, and even armed  unmanned watercraft.  We know how to take ideas from the computer screen straight to the shop floor, and then make them production-ready.

  • We capitalize on the latest technologies, such as 3D-printing  directly from CAD.
  • Composite layups and molds are not a problem.
  • Precision jigs and one-off tooling components can be made by combining affordable materials with inexpensive processes such as laser-cutting.


Waterlines has the know-how to pull together a wide variety of components to create the system needed.  Our engineers have integrated underwater sensors, biometric tokens, surveillance camera systems, and maritime radars to name a few.

  • We specialize in adapting commercially available products to meet DoD needs.
  • Our sweet spot is low-rate initial production.
  • We have the capacity to adapt many products to tune for specific requirements.